We want to boldly lead people to a transformed life in Christ. Transformation comes through the Holy Spirit using the gospel of Jesus Christ to reconcile his people back into a relationship with the Father. Our job is to share this message of good news. These four videos will give you a starting point as you begin your journey in proclaiming the gospel to people who need Jesus. 
We want to celebrate you as you take this next step in your faith journey! When you finish the four training videos, click the button below so that we know you went through the training. Our desire is to follow up and encourage you in your journey of becoming a lifelong sharer of the gospel. 
Training Video 1
Pastor Paul unpacks the "why" for evangelism, God's design, and gives an example on how to use the 3 Circles. 
Training Video 2
Pastor Slaton provides an example of the 3 Circles method. He unpacks what brokenness is and how to lead into the gospel. 
Training Video 3
Pastor Josh provides an example of the 3 Circles method. He unpacks the gospel and how to give an invitation. 
Training Video 4
Pastor Rick covers what to do when people say "yes, no, and maybe" to the gospel. 

9:38 Prayer Strategy

Seeing transformation in people's lives is the work of the Spirit. It is not our job to save, but it is our job to proclaim.  Prayer and evangelism go hand in hand. Therefore, set your alarms for 9:38  AM and PM and take a moment to pray for transformed lives in Christ. 
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We want to celebrate the Lord's faithfulness in your life! Please share any stories of how God has worked in your life through this initiative by clicking the button below. 

Additional Resources