Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Sharing the gospel abroad prepares us to share the Gospel at home. We see the same pattern again and again: church members going on a mission trip, learn how to share the gospel, and develop a broken heart for those without Christ, then return to Jacksonville with a zeal to see their friends and neighbors come to Christ!

How do we decide where to go ?

Before establishing a ministry partnership with with a Gospel - centered ministry, we must decidedly share the same core beliefs and be sure that ministry will effectively follow up on decisions for Christ after we return home and continue the work making disciples after we leave. After prayerful consideration, we jump in and link arms with them in taking the Gospel to the nations.

2024 Mission Trips

LOCATION:  Leon, Nicaragua
DATE:  March 15-21
COST:  $1300
TEAM LEADER:  Pastor Josh Branum
Deposit due:  $300 by January 14
LOCATION:  Chiapas, Mexico
DATE:  June 6-12
COST:  $1300
TEAM LEADER:  Pastor Josh Branum
Deposit due:  $650 by April 7

Mission Trip Form