Messy Church, Glorious Gospel

A Study of 1 Corinthians

Looking at Life Through the Lens of the Gospel

We will be looking at the Apostle Paul's first letter to the church he started in the city of Corinth and one he knew really well (you can read Acts 18 to learn more).  Corinth was a cultural, economic and religious center for many people and the church that had started so strong had become affected - or infected - by life in Corinth.

The letter reads like a series of essays where Paul addresses five different challenges they were facing.  For each one, he begins by describing the problem.  Then, Paul shows how the gospel speaks into that situation and then he concludes by exposing how their reality and their spoken beliefs are in conflict.

These five "issues" are familiar ones and will be healthy for Faithbridge to wrestle with today: Divisions among the church, God's plan and purpose for Sex, Matters of Conscience, Worship and the nature of Christ's resurrection.

Ove the next year, we will take on these short series one at a time, taking a break between them to consider other topics and themes from the Bible or enjoy a holiday celebration like Christmas.

This series will be valuable by not only looking carefully at these five issues, but also because it will help train us to think biblically and allow the gospel to inform the way we think about other issues as well.